23 July 2010

Tag! You're It!

So I've decided to start making a few simple tags. I'm new at this so if they seem bare to you (I'll add pics..I promise!) then I'll definitely welcome any suggestions :)

So, I'm picking up things here and there around the house (ok, free is always good, right?). So far, I have my grandmother's thimble but I'll use that when I break out my sewing machine.

Hmmmmm...ok, let's see.

I have movie stubs that I'll color (somehow) and make a few of those into some tabs for my journal. I'm also going to tag a movie-type framed picture that I picked up on a discount table at Tuesday Morning for $5.00 :)

I wonder if my CriCut has a movie cartridge?

21 July 2010

Scrapping My Ancestry

Hello, everyone! I've decided to scrap my ancestry since genealogy is a very important hobby (more like life-work) for me! I have a lot of interesting characters in my tree (ok, yeah, me too!) with diverse backgrounds. I'd love to come up with a plan of action for scrapping them all but I'll just have to fly by the seat of my pants because....

now get this (big grin).....

I'm new at scrapping!

Oh, yeah, baby, totally new at scrapbooking anything! I bought a Cricut Expressions on sale at Big Lots and haven't even used it yet but I'm one to organize first - scrap second but I have a few thoughts on where I want to take the scrapping.

1. 3-D - I'm lousy at loving anything that's flat. Thus, the reason I absolutely hate wallpaper in my home. I will, however, consider it for scrapping.

2. Animation - I like to be involved with what I'm looking at. I'd like for my scrapping to say, "Oh man, let me sit here and really check this out for a while!" instead of, "Oh, that's a nice card/page." then completely forget all about it.

3. Discounts and sales - now, I'm not sayin' I'm cheap (ok, maybe I am) but I do LOVE a serious bargain and scrapping is no exception. So I'll be recycling/reusing and going into the bargain basements to let you know what I find. I don't have a camera yet so I'll have to wait to start putting out some videos but I'm hoping to get to that soon enough. I want my videos to be fun and high quality but you probably will only see my hands. I have terrible stage-fright issues :)

4. Outrageous - I don't like pastel colors although I know this is something that I'll have to work with. But my focus will mostly be on bold colors and clean finished products. I don't like a lot of confusion on my designs.

Well, that's about it for now. I can't post everyday because of my work schedule and my attempts at finding a full-time job with benefits but if you'll "FOLLOW ME" then auto-updates will surely come your way :)

Thank you and have a wonderful day!